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4 Ways to Enhance Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

If you want to take advantage of the value offered by this powerful platform as a content distribution channel and source to generate quality leads, here are four tips to take your LinkedIn marketing strategy to the next level.

Organically boost your brand:

One of the best ways to make your brand presence known is to ensure that your LinkedIn Company Page is strong.

  • Add product showcase pages and think- tank content.
  • Encourage your employees to create and optimize LinkedIn profiles.
  • Share Slide Share with presentations, videos, webinars and info-graphics.
  • Review a “always-on” strategy for publishing content with executives, subject matter experts and employees.5 While short-term campaigns can be effective in driving sales and engagement spikes, content marketing always focuses on building long-term relationships with your audience through storytelling and quality content. A powerful brand narrative will always resonate with customers eliminating the risk of post- campaign lulls often seen after fast- win campaigns at all points in the customer journey.

Increase Authentic Conversations:

LinkedIn Groups offer a unique opportunity to promote genuine conversations and establish relationships with your community. They also give insights into your target audience’s questions, pain points and content topics. Groups from LinkedIn are not the place to place your products and services, so leave your billboards at the door.

In the meantime, think of them as a way of nurturing leads in the hope that these relationships will gradually become a new business. It takes a few conversations with your brand and content to turn prospects into buyers. Actually, LinkedIn says that the average decision maker reads ten pieces of content before the purchase decision is finalized.

Reinforce your voice share through targeted advertising:

Digital marketing leaders today increase their reach and voice share through targeted advertising. LinkedIn offers a wide range of advertising solutions, including dynamic ads and display ads, in addition to sponsored content:

Dynamic ads enable you to target decision makers and influencers precisely with a highly relevant and customizable creative approach. Tip: Add a one-click call “Follow “to your advertisements to increase the number of followers on your company page. Your company page followers will then see your updates in their LinkedIn feeds, so that you can reach them organically.

Display ads are banner ads in standard ad formats and places that allow you to reach scale audiences, similar to Facebook ads and Google AdWords. Tip: Convert more prospects to buyers by targeting visitors to the website on the basis of key pages on your website.

Boost open and conversion rates:

If you want to promote downloads of your latest white paper or increase registration for your next webinar, LinkedIn Sponsored InMails offers a way to send personalized messages to LinkedIn users with message open rates much higher than standard email campaigns.

Here are some best practices for making the most of your campaign:

  • Keep copies of less than 1000 characters and include a link to your body.
  • Use a powerful visual.
  • Personalize with the name and job title of the recipient.
  • Use these keywords to make clear calls for action: try, register, reserve, join, confirm or download.
  • Choose a sender that is credible and relevant to your message with your audience.
  • Optimize your mobile landing page.
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