Doptori: An Online Automation & ERP Software for Schools, Madrasas, Colleges and Universities

An ever digitalizing world The world around us is digitalizing ever so quickly. Irrelevant of which institute you run, whether

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digital composite of business graphics with office background

Design a Mobile Friendly Website

We have entered a new era of internet usage– mobile internet usage in particular. Consumers turn not only to text,

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Benefits of creating Customer Newsletter

A newsletter is a printed report containing news (information) about the activities of a company (legal name; business subscription model)

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Benefits of Good Landing Pages

Good landing pages are a free place of diversion without a browser menu, sidebar or footer. The aim is to

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Formulating a Creative Process

While many people like to see creativity as an enigmatic process, researchers tend to agree that there are clear values

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Grab Attention with Social Media Stories

There are over 400 million active users of stories every month, and they appear to be more involved in stories

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