Digital Marketing Trend: Journey from 2018 to 2019

Amazingly 2018 has been a year of improving and building off of 2017’s social media trends worldwide. As far, we’ve seen a continued uptick in augmented reality, video content, and influencer marketing. But now that 2018 is almost the way over, you may find yourself wondering: “what’s waiting for us in 2019?”

Internet will reach Television in terms of hours watched
By 2019, as per the researchers, the internet will reach up to television in terms of hours watched, in the near future people will spend approximately 2.6hrs a day online and 2.7hrs a day watching YouTube. It is estimated that average people will spend about 45 minutes watching mobile videos.
As we predict that the companies will be less likely to spend money on TV ads and web video, because of this reason. Do you think that your company will do the same?
Social media is likely to be more integrated than any other services.
Using third-party application, social media services are more likely to integrate their services. Like the way, users share their data with the third party via Facebook and LinkedIn.
The trend is expected to continue further and other social platforms are expected to integrate with other services,
We expect this trend to continue and for social platforms to become even more integrated with other services. Social media apps may also start to share more user statistics with their audiences and create a greater seamless ride across third-party apps. This helps social media agencies to retain their dominance, gain extra info about users, and supply higher offerings for smaller websites and apps.
The Growth of Live Videos
It is known to everyone that Live Video Services on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram started creating a buzz from 2016. Because of the increase in Modern Streaming Services, the number of internet users increased to more than 80% compared to the prior years who watched Live Videos.
Research shows that 67% of live viewers tend to buy a ticket of an event or concert if they have watched a live video of an event alike online earlier. So, you shouldn’t be late in bringing your band to the live video bandwagon.
Moreover, 45% of live viewers are likely to pay to watch their favorite athletes, teams or performers online. For further information about the growth of live videos, check out the recent Facebook Live Infographic.
Chatbots getting familiar
By 2019, Chatbots are expected to grow and are likely to more familiar to the general people. To put it simply, chatbots will be perceived more broad and functional.
When ordering pizza, choosing mobile pan or even book a hotel room, chatbots will be expected to be in the first place by 2019. It allows you to download a native app without difficulty.
Chatbots are likely to dominate, as per research only 19% of 5000 people had a bad perception about chatbots. Out of 5000 33% have a positive view and 48% was neutral as far as their problems were solved.
To stay ahead in the business you should develop a chatbot. It is trouble-free to develop and make it easier to retain customers- especially for food delivery.

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