Grab Attention with Social Media Stories

There are over 400 million active users of stories every month, and they appear to be more involved in stories than social feeds. Brands use stories to prove their authenticity with content, fun polls and countdowns behind the scenes or to capture videos that can also involve their followers (creative professionals are not required).

Seven ways Instagram stories can be used by brands:

  • User-generated content to increase engagement – publish customers photo of our product
  • Promote an event – trailer video
  • Promote a newsletter – highlighting content categories, series of images, call to action
  • Personalization to improve engagement –  compliment followers
  • Promote a product more creatively – creative post for promoting product
  • Instagram polls for contests – fun and engaging
  • Using story highlights for Stories – building engagement through hashtags and polls

Key findings:

73% of brands believe mobile will be “more important”

Advertisers are gravitating toward Facebook Stories (38% will invest in this format) and Instagram Stories (37%).

Brands planning to run Amazon ads will devote 21 percent of the total budget to this channel( 33 percent second only to Google Search) with 82 percent of Christmas- specific campaigns and 67 percent to Black Friday campaigns.

Amazon ads are becoming increasingly important for retailers in particular: 56 percent of retail or e- commerce brands plan to maintain or increase their Amazon advertising budget this year.

Five tips on how to keep up with the change in order to improve your society:

  • Be more strategic with Stories – Treat it as other contents
  • Focus on what works – Don’t abandon other strategies. Make balance on what works
  • Leave space for experimentation – Experiment strategies, measure results ad draw a right conclusion on what works better
  • Follow the trends – Get inspired by the brands who have already mastered the story strategy.
  • Tell a story, create a narrative – Create a series of stories.

You can offer exclusive behind-the-scenes content during an event, short videos of upcoming videos, quick how-to videos, and excerpts of interviews or even interactive quizzes to engage with your audience.

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