Industrial Surveillance

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Industrial Surveillance

Protection from Cyber threats for critical Assets

Recently, the rise in demand for electricity comprehensively presses power plants to produce a lot of renewable energy at a minimal cost. By investing in existing information processing and infrastructure, power plants will boost plant potency and dependableness through automation, integration, and improvement of the whole plant. However, the electrical, environmental and operational necessities of method system will build IT security solutions unsuitable for management networks. As a result, several essential systems operate with very little protection against accidental or malicious cyber-attacks. The entire plants gets pack up because of the infected USB thumb drive.
The stateful firewall router can’t only examine a packet a lot more deeply to eliminate the prospect of what it’s not and attainable harm but also it can keep track of incoming and outgoing traffic’s association states. With the help of stateful firewall/NAT perform, the CoreFort™ trade Firewall series provides comprehensive protection for essential cyber threats.

Boost operational ability

In an unstable world economy, market provides challenges and opportunities for firms, like putting in profitable growth, reaching into new territories, differentiation and additional. Historically, machine management network for automations were a closed network with slim bandwidth that would make remote machine tougher. Now, because of the speedy decline of the IP network price. With remote-access answer, machine builder/system measuring device will improve business operations by reducing emergency service calls, inefficient on-site technical services, and so on. The benefits embody the remote accessibility, straightforward installation and integration, and higher level of quantity, flexibility and value.
For remote machine identification, eventually the firewall router will be used as a VPN entry for IPSec/SSL VPN tunnels. With VPN entry and consumer functions, the firewall router provides encrypted network property over a long physical distance and beat, each personal networks also as public networks just like the internet. The CoreFort™ trade Firewall series is meant to supply remote machine observation with VPN tunnels to extend operational potency, reduced prices and magnified margins.

Connect with Simplicity, Efficiency, Security

With acute flexibility you can define and manage your network connections through CoreFort™ VPN dispatcher:
– By using VPN gateway you can create multiple and distributed networks
– You can reach the remote user connections to your network and take advantage of the intuitive VPN client, which is universally compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
– Define custom per-user profiles to provide enhanced security and more control over user connections

The CoreFort™ Series

The CoreVault™ series consists of extremely rugged network-attached storage (NAS) devices to provide high performance, reliability and capacity of data storage in harsh environments. Equipped with a unique storage technology, the series offers high level of data accuracy for use in industries including oil and gas, transportation, industrial automation and more.

High Performance, Reliability, Capacity & Endurance

Furthermore, the CoreVault™ series offers various data recovery options. The Remote Replication feature supports data backup to remote NAS or FTP servers and synchronizes files to remote folders from local folders with better backup efficiency and reduced backup time. It also supports rsync protocol to back up data to remote servers on a scheduled basis. It is compatible with SMB/CIFS, NFS, and AFP protocols for file sharing across Windows, Mac, and Linux/UNIX networks. The CoreVault™ series also supports Access Control List (ACL), enabling system administrators to easily configure user permissions.

The CoreVault™ series is built with a fanless, power-efficient, dust- and water-resistant chassis with IP 54 rating. This sealed enclosure eliminates the use of failure-prone fans, increasing system reliability and preventing dust and water ingress.

The CoreVault™ series is also compliant with EN50155 (railway applications) and EN61373 (vibrations & shocks) to deliver reliable video surveillance recording for a wide variety of railway transportation applications.

With data interception technology, the CoreVault™ provides intelligent data and drive protections against extremes of heat and vibration, making it suitable for a variety of industrial applications.

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