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For any IT solutions whether it is transportation or AI driven medical software Winbiz has the solution. We have consulted for many firms and for government administrative for their consultation purpose. We have cutting edge technology to adopt and overcome challanges with perfect solutions.

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Micro Credit Governance

Winbiz Digital has a solution for governing micro credit in the rural sector. We are capable of re-structuring the micro credit finance system into technology and this will help the poor and needful people to cut down the interest rates applied by the micro credit financing companies.


Education Sector

Winbiz has the capability of preventing frauds and misshaps in education sector by protecting its questions to be leaked to public before exams. It means if the government or any authority wants to prevent public examination questions leakage they need to contact us for the solution. We can guarantee that by implementing our solution all public exams questions will be protected.  

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Energy Sector

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Winbiz can build custom social media, blog or E-commerce website and application related to agriculture and agri products. From land to water, we can provide any custom service application needed. We can build any monitoring software based on AI for agricultural purpose. We ensure best quality services that will boost your agri business for sure.