Military Grade Surveillance

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Military Grade Surveillance

  • Police Car Intelligent Digital Security

System Features

Megapixel IP Surveillance System

NCm series mobile IP cameras are up to 3MP@ 20fps with image stabilization feature.

License Plate Recognition

The technology helps to identify the car plate and match the information to the database, which has a wide number of applications including traffic enforcement, access control, stolen car identification, and vehicle tracking.

Vehicle Dedicated NVR Platform

NViS 3542P4/P8 NVR platforms are all dedicated designs for Vehicle application, solid & reliable.

Video Auto-uploaded

Auto-upload the surveillance video / information upon the round patrol finished.

Backseat Monitoring

When the unusual happens in the backseat, it will trigger the system right away and the precautions will be done by the related authorities.


CE, FCC, e13

City Surveillance

System Features

Megapixel IP Surveillance System

NCr series IP cameras are up to 2MP@ 30fps with special features which is perfectly for city surveillance. NCr-221 is the ultra-low light IP camera, and NCr-231 is the LPR IP camera.

Crowd Detection

To detect the unusual large assembly and capture the image in case there’s anything unexpected happen.

Left Object

Automatically find the left object and detect if it’s the explosive.


License plate recognition to help the law enforcement identifying the license plates with records.

Car Counting

To count the quantity of the vehicles and transfer the information back the CMS for data analytics.

Central Management Appliance

With 4~6 multiple monitors output for central management video wall application.

NVR for Local & Remote

Industrail grade hardware platform for wide range temperature supported and large capacity video storage.


CE, FCC, e13

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