Niche Customer Analysis

To analyze the target audience of a particular sector is a compulsory for all aspects of marketing. Surely, realizing niche customers and their pain points must be the key point of your business. For engaging people, you should have a depth knowledge of the criteria of the audience interested to your product.

A great source of understanding the niche market is competitor analysis. As usually, competitor’s audience is like your niche audience, which will provide you data for buyer persona analysis. As an example, examine the sites found from your competitor’s back link as most of these may relevant to your target customer and these source will also back you.

You can also identify potential audience pain points through your competitors’ popular content. Again, this will help you generate ideas for content that will not only drive links, but also be popular with your buyer personas. You can easily define the pain points of your targeted audience from your competitor’s website and social media content.

You also should be careful on few key factor before taking decision on niche market:

1. Categorize your interests and passions.
2. Pinpoint problems you can solve.
3. Research about you competitor.
4. Determine the effectiveness of your niche market.
5. Now implement your idea.

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