Online Reputation Management (ORM)

There is nothing more awful than to know that someone has “Googled” your company and decided not to bring their business to you as what they found online. Winbiz Digital, a reputed ORM company in Dhaka helps you erase all such negativity around your name and gives you a clean slate to work upon. Our online reputation management agency offers you the best ORM services in Bangladesh which will protect your brand from negative publicity and build a positive image by using the time tested online reputation management solutions.


Why Is Your Online Reputation So Important?

Online space is very notorious for creating and destroying brands in no time. As a huge black hole, internet works in mysterious ways to turn a brand out of dust and a brand in to dust. An unsatisfied client, a devious competitor or a disgruntled employee, all talk in the internet space and influence your brand negatively. The situation can be nipped in the bud itself if you hire one of the best online reputation management companies, Winbiz Digital for your online reputation management.

According To Survey

  • 92% people said that discovering something negative about any contact through online search would impact the perception (YouGov PLC)
  • 89% people research new contacts on online search engine (YouGov PLC)
  • 82% trust the first page rankings from search engine results (YouGov PLC)
  • The Role of Winbiz Digital- the best ORM Company in Bangladesh

While other social media marketing companies confuse online reputation management with only generating positive feedback and overcome only the negative ones, our ORM Company in Bangladesh understands that it is more about building a brand synonymous with the core values of the company and assures you best ORM services in Dhaka.

  • Our ORM agency in Bangladesh identifies threats and conduct analysis on the search results.
  • Our ORM agency in Dhaka creates a custom technological framework for the intervention.
  • The expert team of our ORM Company in Dhaka develops supplementary materials to support interventions and displace any negative information.

Our ORM agency in Bangladesh supports interventions by suggesting suitable edits to your website
there is an ongoing assessment, re-evaluation and modification by our team of content writing services based on the most current learning.
Our ORM services in Bangladesh offer the perfect solution when it comes to taking charge of the way your brand image is represented online. Don’t just leave your reputation to chance! Take advantage of our expert online reputation management services today.

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