Printer Cartridge

We are ensuring you the best quality printer cartridge for most prominent brand such as  HP, Samsung ,Canon and more. 

CategoryHP Supported printerCartridge ModelSingle PriceSet Price
ColorHP Laserjet Pro: CM1411fn/CM1412tn/CM1413fn
HP Laserjet Pro: CM1415fn/CM1415fnw/CM1416fnw
HP Laserjet Pro: CM1417fnw/CM1418fnw
HP Laserjet Pro: CP1521/CP1522/CP1523/
HP Laserjet Pro: CP1525/CP1525nw/CP1526nw/
HP Laserjet Pro: CP1527nw/CP1528nw
CE320A-323A(128A)2,216 BDT8,280 BDT
 2,021 BDT
 2,021 BDT
 2,021 BDT
ColorHPColor laserJet: CP1213/CP1214/
HPColor laserJet: CP1215/CP1216/
HPColor laserJet: CP1217/CP1513n/
HPColor laserJet: CP1514n/CP1515n/
HPColor laserJet: CP1516n/CP1517ni/
HPColor laserJet: CP1518ni/CP1519ni/
HPColor laserJet: CM1300MFP/
HPColor laserJet: CM1312MFPSeries/
CB540A-543A(125A)2,140 BDT8,015 BDT
 1,971 BDT
 1,951 BDT
 1,951 BDT
ColorHPColor laserJet: CP4025/
HPColor laserJet: CP4025n/CP4025dn/
HPColor laserJet: CP4525n/CP4525dn/
HPColor laserJet: CP4525xh
CE260A-263A6,369 BDT23,482 BDT
 5,371 BDT
 6,369 BDT
 5,371 BDT
B & WHP LaserJet Pro: 400 M401a/d/n/dn/dw
HP LaserJet Pro: 400 M425dn/dw M401dne
CF280A6,82 BDT6,82 BDT
B & WHP Laserjet Pro: M102a/102w
HP Laserjet Pro: MFP M130a/130fn
CF217A3,070 BDT3,070 BDT
B & WHP Laserjet: p2030/P2035/P2035n/
HP Laserjet: P2050/P2055d/P2055n/
HP Laserjet: P2055X/P2033/P2034/
HP Laserjet: P2035/P2036/P2037/P2053/
HP Laserjet: P2054/P2055/P2056/
HP Laserjet: P2057/P2053dn/
HP Laserjet: P2054x/P2055dn/
HP Laserjet: P2053x/P2054dn/
HP Laserjet: P2057dn/P2057x/
HP Laserjet: P2057dn/P2057x/
HP Laserjet: 6650dn/MF 5870dn
HP Laserjet: Canon LBP6300dn/
CE505A6,82 BDT6,82 BDT
B & WHP LaserJet Pro: M402n/M402d/M402dn/
HP LaserJet Pro: M402dw/MFP M426dw/
HP LaserJet Pro: MFP M426fdn/MFP M426fdw
CF226A2,632 BDT2,632 BDT
Category CANON Supported printer Cartridge Model Single Price Set Price
Color Canon LBP: 7100CN/7110CW/MF8230CN/
Canon LBP: 8280CW/8210Cn/8250Cn/
Canon LBP: MF621Cn/MF628Cw/626Cn/
Canon LBP: MF8240Cw/MF8284Cw/
Canon LBP: MF628Cw/623Cn/624Cw/626Cn
CRG331 BCMY 2,192 BDT 8,614 BDT
2,140 BDT
2,140 BDT
2,140 BDT
Color Canon Color: MF8580Cdw/8550Cdn
Canon Color: MF726Cdw//MF8584Cdw/
Canon Color: MF722Cdw/MF727Cdw/
Canon Color: 725Cdn/MF729Cx
Canon LBP-7200/7660cdn/8380cdw
CRG 318 3,477 BDT 13,139 BDT
3,220 BDT
3,220 BDT
3,220 BDT
B & W Canon: LBP 6000/6018 CRG925 5,85 BDT 5,85 BDT
B & W Canon: MF211/MF212W/MF215/MF216N/MF217W/ MF226DN/MF229DN/mf229DW/MF222DW/ MF227DW/MF223D/MF224DW/ MF221D/MF221d/ MF217w/MF227dw/MF249dw/MF246dn/MF237w/ MF235/MF232w/MF245dw/MF236n/MF243d/ MF233n/LBP151dw CRG337 6,45 BDT 6,45 BDT
B & W Canon: LBP6750dn/LBP6780dn/
Canon: LBP6780x/MF512x/
Canon: MF515x/MF515dw
CRG324 1,505 BDT 1,505 BDT
B & W Canon LBP: 3300/3360 CRG308 8,09 BDT 8,09 BDT
B & W Canon IC: MF4410/4450/4412/
Canon IC: 4420/4550/4570/D520
Canon IC: LBP6200D/6230DW/
Canon IC: 6230DN/6200d/
Canon IC:6200/6300/6230dn/6240
CRG326 5,90 BDT 5,90 BDT
Category Samsung Supported printer Cartridge Model Single Price Set Price
Color Samsung SL:-C430W/C430/C432W Samsung SL:-C432/C433W/C433 Samsung SL:-480FW/C480/C480FN Samsung SL:-C480FW/C480W/482 Samsung SL:-C482FW/C482W Samsung SL:-483/C483W/C483FW CLT-404S 7,349 BDT 29,715 BDT
7,455 BDT
7,455 BDT
7,455 BDT
Color Samsung Xpress: C1810W/ Samsung Xpress: C1860FW/CLP-415N/ Samsung Xpress: 415NW/470/475/ Samsung Xpress: CLX-4195/4195N/ Samsung Xpress: 4195FN/4195FW CLT-504S 6,384 BDT 25,159 BDT
6,258 BDT
6,258 BDT
6,258 BDT
B & W Samsung: SL-M2620/2820/M2670/ Samsung: 2870/ SL-M2620D/ Samsung: SL-M2820ND/SL-M2820DW/ Samsung: SL-M2870FW/SL-M2870FD/ Samsung Xpress: M2671N/ Samsung Xpress: M2671FH/ Samsung Xpress: M2830DW/ Samsung Xpress: M2880FW MLT-D115L 1,828 BDT 1,828 BDT
B & W Samsung: SL-M2625/2625D/2825DW/2825WN Samsung: SL-M2675FN/2875FW/2875FD Samsung: SL-M2835/M2885FW/M2675N/ Samsung: M2825ND/M2826ND/M2885FW/ Samsung: M2835DW/M2836DW/M2876FD MLT-D116L 1,549 BDT 1,549 BDT