Taking Actionable Insights from Data for 2019

A data-driven marketing strategy can help you learn more about your audience to improve your tactics and your future campaigns.

How can marketers use their data better?

  • Focus on value – Pick one thing you want to know about your customer and want to solve. Don’t get overwhelmed with huge data.
  • Be directive with your technology strategy – Figure out which platforms will help you find those answers. 44% of companies in our survey said they plan to invest in at least one new technology over the next year, and they already use an average of seven platforms.
  • Find partners that make your life easier – Data science, multi-touch attribution — these aren’t things you learn by reading one article. And you don’t have to be an expert in them yourself — that’s what partners are for — but there’s still a competitive advantage to be had in understanding the gist.
  • Name appropriate measures for success – What is your data for if not to get you a few steps closer to success? If part of your business’s success can be linked to CLV (customer lifetime value), then that’s a measure you should name and keep tabs on.

Actionable insights from the biggest challenge of data marketing today.

Three ways to solve actual customer problems using data:

  • Using data keeps callers from hanging up – Two-thirds of consumers are only willing to wait two minutes. Companies are using chat bots for twenty-four hour answers to simple customer questions and also to collect data in order train real-life customer service reps on the best answers for more complicated inquiries.
  • Using data generates video that audiences won’t mute – 73% of consumers have bought a product after watching a video. Target only demographics who just don’t want to buy your product but need it.
  • Using data generates texts customers will actually read – Some of the most important data comes from customers physical visits to stores rather than just touchpoints. AI made it easier to connect the dots and use point of sale (POS) data in conjunction with other data to deliver relevant messages.

How brands like TGI Fridays leverage data to build loyalty: Social Media stunts drive temporary traffic, Repeat customers are the key to success (instead of taking regular customer as a mass group, focus individually on them), Point of Sale data is most important, AI is the next step toward forming personal relationships (just sending a text reminding your customer about offers).

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